you have a story and it’s one worth sharing.


we are privileged to capture the stories of makers through photo and video.


What you have done and what you have created is something to revel in...if no one’s told you lately, it’s pretty amazing! We want to help you share that journey and your product in a way that your target audience not only feels a part of it, but feels like they are the main reason you do what you do!


We believe in forming long standing relationships. Learning about your craft and the journey that has brought you to where you are now. We are passionate about capturing the true spirit behind your brand in a way that feels sincere, honest and approachable. Your brand is much more than just your logo, it’s the atmosphere you’ve created for those who visit your tasting room. It’s the soil and the vines that produce the wine your customers consider a staple in their homes. It’s the story behind your product that allows them to feel connected to something so much more than just a glass of wine or a beautiful view. It’s in these details that the heart and soul of your business lie and it’s these details we strive to uncover to help tell your story in the most authentic way possible.

acacia namesake

In the year Acacia Productions was born so was Cameron's third child; Acacia Eleanor. Acacia's name symbolizes a tree of life and in turn this production company hopes to extend beauty and life to hospitality businesses through the power of communicating story.


our team


cameron ingalls


Cameron grew up in the wine country of Paso Robles back when there were less than a dozen vineyards to count. During school he followed in his grandfather’s passion for photography shooting on his 35mm film camera without knowing it would consummate into a dream career. He fell in love with capturing people's love stories and spent almost two decades building a portrait photography business. His deep sense of empathy allows him to put any subject at ease in front of his lens and he really strives to bring out the best in people with each interaction and photo shoot. Cameron is proud to raise three amazing kids, Asher, Cohen and Acacia alongside his best friend and wife, Anna.


david delmore


David is a minimalist and has a knack for choosing just the right amount of clips to tell a story. His musical talent lends his editing style to that of a composer. Each video has a life of it’s own and David finds that life through countless hours of editing down the massive amounts of footage collected with each brand. He loves spending his spare time carving the shoulders of our Pacific ocean's frothy waves and is a new husband to Lyndsey and father to Finley.